User Profile for RehaCom

RehaCom is used most commonly by those with traumatic or acquired brain injury, including stroke. It can be used in Stroke rehabilitation from the most acute stages, all the way through their recovery.

Any! There are also module adaptations for children.
Stroke, ABI, MS, ADHD, Depression, Visual Field deficits and more.
RehaCom can be used at all stages of recovery. Work can begin in the acute stage after the injury
Specific deficits in attention, memory, executive functions & visual field
Anywhere. RehaCom can be used inside the hospital/clinic or at home, supervised over the internet

Recovery Stage:

Clinical Use

RehaCom has been refined over many years 

RehaCom has been refined over many years 

RehaCom is used extensively by neuropsychologists, occupational therapists and clinicians in rehabilitation centres, hospitals and clinics (both public and private).

Increasingly, RehaCom is being used to supervise clients over the internet. Therapists can prescribe modules for their patients to do, monitor progress and change their tasks using remote supervision. This is particularly favoured by Occupational Therapists working in the community who have a large geographical area to cover, or wish to enhance their patient’s therapy.

Please note: Although there is an Individual Package available, this package can only be sold to individuals with current or prior supervised experience of RehaCom. This software is a tool for therapists to use, not a replacement for therapy.


There are no contraindications to using the RehaCom system.  However, for effectiveness we recommend that individuals are guided by a competent therapist and that usage is specific to identified cognitive deficits