This is how to set up RehaCom to work over the internet.  These  instructions assume that you are either going to be RehaCom user - or a therapist setting up the software for a User..  If you are a Therapist wanting to supervise a user please follow the separate therapist's instructions.

Download these instructions as a PDF document

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Assuming that we are starting with a new installation we must first install RehaCom.  Insert the RehaCom installation DVD and follow the instructions of the installation program

Afterwards please restart RehaCom. An internet connection must be available to complete the process.


Step One - Set User Mode

Choose the User Mode - “As client, with supervision” - Then Click "Close"


Step Two - Set License Mode

Next, go to License Mode from the System menu, and select Licensing over
. Then Close.


Step Three - Patient Mode

After starting RehaCom for the first time the window “client data” opens automatically.
Close this window by clicking “Cancel”. Your therapist has already inserted your client

Switch to patient’s mode by clicking “System” (1) in the main window and “Patient ’s
mode” (2) in the smaller window.

RehaCom switches into patient ’s mode immediately.

Entering "Patient Mode"

Finally - Enter your user name and password, exactly as you received them from your therapist.
Confirm by clicking “login”

Your data is now loaded from the internet and the training can be started.
After finishing the training the client’s training data will be stored automatically so that the therapist can evaluate the training results.