These are instructions written for a therapist to create a training/therapy schedule for a client who is working remotely over the internet.

First of all the Therapist should have set up their system according to the instructions "Therapist - Internet" and then followed the instructions "Client - Internet" for each remote client they wish to manage.

create prescription

Now we need to create a "Prescription" that will control the specific training to be conducted by the client and when it will take place.

Starting in the Main RehaCom window click the "Client" Button, select the client you are working with and then in the Client Data window select the "Prescriptions" tab.

Note that the Tick boxes "Licensing via Internet" and "Supervision via Internet" should be selected and all client details including Login Name and Password completed.

In the "Prescription" window you will see a calendar view with the days of the week laid out in columns and slots for training along the rows. The current day is highlighted in yellow. The weekend is highlighted in grey. (Initially the view will be blank if you haven't created any training prescriptions)

To set up a training modules, double click the cell representing the date and time slot. A "New Prescription" window will now open.

By following the instructions in the image above you can create a schedule for training.

Note that If you look at the top of this window you will also see there are tabs for "Instruction Before the Training" and "Instruction after the Training". This is a free text area to allow you to write instructions or messages to your client to see and follow through either pre or post training. (This could be as simple as reminding them to turn off their phone, or carrying out a particular exercise post training.)

Once you are happy with the settings, click OK to return to the calendar view.
Continue adding training modules this way until you are satisfied with the whole training prescription.

Press OK on the calendar screen for the prescription to be uploaded to the server for delivery to your client.
NB. We recommend you programme no more than 2 weeks at a time. Although the software is auto-adaptive we would expect you may want to adjust the prescription at this point based on progress and results.

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