If you want to be able to guide and work with many clients at a distance - with the client working at home under supervision - you should know that RehaCom can deliver this through one of its licensing methods.

You know that Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide health care or related support at a distance.  You will find that RehaCom is a perfect tool for working with cognitive rehabilitation clients in the community.  In some situations, a client can commence therapy with RehaCom whilst in hospital and then continue with guidance and supervision at home.

There are a couple of ways of using RehaCom in the community.  First of all of course, the therapist can visit the client at home and the software could be on the therapist's laptop or indeed installed on the clients computer.

However, with RehaCom you can go much further and use Internet Licensing via our ONLINE package.  This allows clients to work at home on their own computers but receive therapy instructions and direct supervision from a therapist in a remote location.  This facility is built right into the heart of RehaCom.  A therapist using the system can potentially work with both remote, home-based, clients and face to face with those within the therapist's organisation.

In 45 seconds you can review the basic idea in this short, silent video.

Typically, persons can start with RehaCom training during their early clinical sojourn.  After discharge the client concerned continues with the RehaCom training, ideally as home care with a therapist close to his/her home. The combination of the episodic training at a therapistĀ“s and the daily training at home is very efficient and effective. It provides for a cost-effective and intense therapy that would be impossible to achieve within a traditional healthcare environment.  An INDIVIDUAL package can be purchased that allows a recommended amount of training for little more than Ā£1 per hour.

If you want to see the setup instructions they are included in the Support menu.  Two processes should be followed.

The Supervising person or therapist follows these instructions.

Each RehaCom User to be supervised or the therapist on their behalf, follows these instructions.