General introduction to RehaCom
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In this video you will gain an understanding of the structure of RehaCom, the options available for training modules, the range of levels available for each module and how to review client results.

The following videos give an overview of a number of the available RehaCom modules. You will discover the basic functions of these modules, the scope between the lower and upper levels, and how to adjust the parameters for your client.

The Attention and Concentration module is based on the principle of pattern comparison. The user has to find one picture in a matrix that matches exactly the "comparison" picture.

Divided Attention 2 is one of our Divided Attention modules. Users must pay attention to several external stimuli - both visual and auditory whilst driving a simulated car. 

Topological memory trains the client to memorise the positions of cards and pictures. It's a fun memory game - when the cards are shown face down the user has to remember the card positions.

Figural memory training is used for treating the long-term non-verbal and verbal memory (working memory) The client must memorise pictures with a specific nameable object. There is a training and testing phase.

The Logical Reasoning module aims to improve logical thinking. The user has to continue a sequence of rows of symbols that are placed based on logical rules.

Reaction speed and accuracy are trained for  reactions to acoustic stimuli. The task is to respond as quickly as possible whenever relevant stimuli are presented

Saccadic Training was developed for clients with reduced abilities in visual exploration and in hemilateral visual neglect phenomena (neglect, hemianopsia, hemiambylopia etc)

The Shopping module presents the user with realistic tasks such as  shopping. The aim is to improve the systematic approach used in this type of situation. It is associated with improvement of aspects of memory and attention.

This module exercises the users ability to memorise and manipulate information that was presented and then is removed from the users environment. The approach used can be highly motivating to many users.

Creating Therapist & Client Records

This video shows how to create a therapist and a client record in RehaCom once you have installed the software.  You will learn how to setup and edit records and the key things you need to do to setup online clients.