The economics and efficiency of rehabilitation is of premier importance.  RehaCom, through the various possibilities for licensing, can always be delivered effectively whether the user receiving the therapy is working at home or using RehaCom in the clinic.  The software can be loaded on to a single work station (Windows PC) in a clinic or home and a specific license method is used to release the functionality for the programme.  The License storage methods are primarily :-

License codes are stored on a Dongle device

License codes are stored on a Dongle device

  • RehaCom Dongle License Storage Device
  • RehaCom Custom Panel
  • Internet License - an account on our Remote Server

The Custom Panel is used typically when the client user has a disability that makes the use of a conventional keyboard difficult

The RehaCom Dongle method supports "OFFLINE" Training when the client is working face to face with a therapist.

The Internet License is ideal for home (community-based) training where the client works with RehaCom at home on their own computer and they can be supervised remotely.

The OFFLINE and ONLINE approaches are offered in a convenient package.

The license is checked as the system is used. The software provided is activated with License Codes we provide and these are entered and stored in the Storage Device.

With the OFFLINE approach the package we offer is normally two years duration during which time the full spectrum of 26 RehaCom training procedures can be used with unlimited clients.

With the ONLINE approach the License is more like a "Pay as You Go" method.  It's just like a meter - the hours available for training are consumed as a client works with the system.  This too allows any of the major 26 procedures to be accessed freely.  The ONLINE approach is very economical and ideal when the professional doesn't expect to use RehaCom every day or wants to explore the convenience of working with clients in the community via an internet connection.

Read About the Pricing Options - ONLINE, OFFLINE and INDIVIDUAL

If NON of our pricing options seem ideal - Just let us know more about your situation and we will suggest the most cost-effective solution for you