Who is it for?

This is recommended for situations when the clinician wishes to work primarily on a case-by-case basis with individual clients.  Perhaps it’s not possible to know whether RehaCom would be used just once a week or everyday - maybe it just tends to vary from week to week.  This provides for very economical use of RehaCom because it means you just pay for the training time used at a very economical rate.

We called this Package "ONLINE" because it provides a tool for clinicians who want to be able to reach out, see and work with their clients face to face - or be able to supervise their clients working at home on their own computer via internet connectivity.

Optional Extras

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What is in the package?

  • RehaCom installation DVD
  • 26 highly specific and refined training modules
  • 100 Hours prepaid Internet License
  • 50 hours prepaid Time-Based (Offline) Licenses
  • A RehaCom Dongle License Counter is supplied to store the license codes for Offline Use
  • 5 x sets of keyboard stickers
  • A Secure Online server is used for data storage
  • Remote support

Features of ONLINE Package

In this package the software is the same as with the OFFLINE option - the difference is in how licensing is deployed.  

This is a pay-as-you-go approach and provides a very inexpensive method of delivering training.  An internet account is created and through this you can reach out to supervise your clients working with RehaCom on their home computers.  The RehaCom Dongle License Counter allows you to work face to face with clients whether in your own facility or in the clients home.  It’s the best of both worlds. 

If you don’t consume them, the License hours will remain available until you need them AND you can top up the hours at any time.

Of course the general features of RehaCom and how it behaves are exactly the same as with the OFFLINE option. You can install the RehaCom software on as many of your computers or your client’s computers as you like - it’s the available internet license counts that control full access.

Unsure Which Training Modules You will use?  We provide some general recommendations here

ONLINE Package

Recommended when you will supervise clients working at home with RehaCom via an internet license.

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100 Hours Internet License Top-up

When you wish licensing to be managed via an internet connection this is the service you need.

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