Who is it for?

This option is recommended for all sizes of organisation who expect to see a regular number of clients inside their own facility.  This package is likely to be the best value for those organisations who will use the software for 3 hours or more per day, 5 days per week.

Optional Extras

Find out more on our Accessories page.

What is in the package?

  • RehaCom installation DVD
  • 26 highly specific and refined training modules
  • Unlimited use of all procedures, with unlimited clients, for a period of 2 years
  • A RehaCom Dongle License Counter is supplied to store the license codes
  • 5 x sets of keyboard stickers
  • Free software upgrades during the 2 years
  • Remote support

Individual therapist profiles may be created and you can store unlimited patient profiles underneath. It is recommended that a dedicated computer is chosen for use.  If this is not possible the license can be moved by transferring the Dongle License Counter to another machine.

Features of the OFFLINE PACKAGE

This package offers 2 years unlimited use of 26 RehaCom training modules in the English language - the 21 most commonly used and 5 bonus modules.  As you know, it is important to begin any rehabilitation process as quickly as possible.  For this reason RehaCom was specifically designed to be used from the earliest acute phase, with clear and simple starting levels, right up to higher executive functions.

RehaCom was not designed as a game but it was designed to be engaging to use.  The modules are very rich in content and as RehaCom is an auto-adaptive software system, each module always presents tasks to the user that are appropriately challenging.  The client’s performance determines whether tasks become easier or more difficult and the therapist can actually fine-tune this behaviour - this means that training activities will always remain challenging, but in line with the client’s abilities.

The software can be setup to support individual or multiple therapist profiles each with their own clients if desired. Unlimited client profiles can be managed.  RehaCom supports many languages not just English - if your client’s native language is not English this is not a problem, you can freely select from a vast range of supported languages.

If you have a large and varied case load we suggest you consider the Screening Modules and the Custom Panel (keyboard). Further information is on the Accessories Page.
Unsure Which Training Modules You will use?  We provide some general recommendations here


RehaCom package with 2 years unlimited use license for all sizes of organisations who expect to see clients inside their facility or will potentially visit them at home.

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