Vigilance training with RehaCom

This is one of a series of articles on specific training procedures within the RehaCom software suite. The module Vigilance (VIGI) is made for training and developing vigilance and sustained attention.

An example of the training at a difficulty level of 4

The client's task is to observe the conveyor belt to select those objects differing from the sample objects in one or more details.

Indications for Vigilance Training

Vigilance training is indicated for disorders or impairments of long-term (continuous) attention of different aetiology and genesis. The training module is especially useful in disorders affecting the fields of tonic attention.

Improvements in cognitive performance as well as transfer effects can be expected in clients with vascular brain damage, TBI, and dementia. The training is suitable for persons aged 6 and up.

Training Task

The objects, which the client has to compare constantly with one or more permanently visible reference objects, pass by on a conveyor belt. The client has to identify all objects within a given area, which are not identical to the reference object.

Training Material

Depending on parameter settings, concrete or abstract objects are presented. For concrete objects, 7 graphic pools with everyday objects can be used. For abstract objects, 3 graphic pools with symbols and geometric figures are available. 3 modifications (easy, medium, and difficult) are possible for each object. Altogether, 80 objects with 4 pictures each can be used.

For full details of the Vigilance training module you can review the Manual here.