Attention and concentration training with RehaCom

The Attention and Concentration (AUFM) training module is one of eleven in the "Attention" group with the purpose of targeting "selective attention".

It is one of the training procedures that has general application across many therapy groups including, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neglect/Visual Field, Psychiatric disorders, ADD/ADHD.

Some 80% of all persons affected by stroke, TBI, diffuse organic brain impairments (e.g. caused by chronic alcohol abuse or intoxication), as well as in other diseases of the central nervous system will benefit from training with this module which is suitable for all clients with disorders in attention and concentration and for children aged 6 and up.

Attention and concentration could be considered as one of the fundamental trainings - if one cannot pay attention and concentrate there is no point in trying to train memory or executive functions for example.

The module is based on the principle of pattern comparison. The client has to find one picture in a matrix that matches exactly the “comparison picture”.

Training Material

Setting the training parameters

The training material is presented across 24 levels of difficulty. 

A total of 77 picture pools are available, each with 16 coloured illustrations.

All pictures are optimised concerning visibility and differentiability. According to parameter settings, either concrete objects (fruits, animals, faces etc.), geometric objects (circles, rectangles, and triangles of different size and order) or letters
and numbers are displayed.


Attention and concentration exercise at level 15




The detaiis of the theory and practice of using this training module can be reviewed in the module manual.