Supervised home training with RehaCom

RehaCom is a very flexible tool for cognitive rehabilitation and is in step with the changing demands of rehabilitation services and home care.  As part of it's application there are built-in possibilities for home training with RehaCom. 

As care so often must take place efficiently and effectively in the community, RehaCom allows professional rehabilitation services to be available via the internet.   It is not necesary for the patient to be in hospital or clinic or the therapist to always travel to the patient.

However, working at home need not mean unsupervised rehabiliation. The tools within RehaCom ensure that the training is carried out as necessary. The outcomes and reporting are monitored effectively.

For daily training at home, the therapist creates a therapy plan that is individually adjusted to the client’s needs. The client-specific treatment plan is stored on an internet platform.  As soon as the client wants to train, the RehaCom system downloads the therapy plan, presents any additional instructions provided byt eh therapist and the client performs the training. The system saves training results automatically for viewing by the therapist.

Using this approach, the therapist can evaluate the results promptly and supervise the performance.  He or she can adapt the therapy plan optimally to the individual's needs and the actual performance of the person concerned, and can respond directly to changing performance.

The integration of caregivers is possible and can be very motivating for clients, particularly with severe cognitive disorders. Family support is essential for promoting long-term active participation in daily life.

Benefits of Home Training:

  • Improved outcomes by continuing cognitive rehabilitation at home
  • efficient deployment of healthcare resources
  • Increased independence in the home environment
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Better vocational opportunities