The essential benefits of RehaCom

cognitive training

Despite the fact that clinical challenges resulting from disease and trauma are the same the world over, there are likely to be different approaches taken to treatment and clinical management. RehaCom was created in Germany where it is used by more than 90% of clinicak facilities that are involved with cognitive rehabilitation. A similar adoption rate can be found in various countries around the world. RehaCom is a tool for the therapist to use in Computer-based cognitive rehabilitation but what actually are the benefits of using RehaCom for the clinician and the patient.

Benefits of RehaCom for the Clinician

Developed by neuropsychologists - RehaCom has evolved over more than 20 years and although it can feel and look engaging that a computer game it has its development roots in science and clinical practice.

Universal application - RehaCom’s training procedures are designed to be used at all stages of rehabilitation. This means, for example, that training can start soon after a brain injury and can continue to be used all the way through the stages of rehabilitation - even when the patient goes home.

Auto-adaption - RehaCom is designed to present easier or harder tasks to the patient based on his or her persformance. This is essential to avoid frustration from the client becuase the tasks are too easy - or too difficult. This software behaviour can be fine tuned by the clinician.

Remote supervision - No one wishes to spend more time in hospital than necessary and indeed more care is ideally provided in the community. RehaCom offers supervised training over the internet. By using internet licenses the clinician can prescribe a training programme and monitor the patient’s performance as they continue to work at home on their own computer.

Multiple Languages - The whole world speaks English? Well actually not everyone is an English speaker and RehaCom recognises this by supporting 21 languages at no extra cost. This means that patients can train in their native langauge with most the training modules.

Deficit specific - RehaCom’s training modules are designed to span all specific cognitive deficits including attention, reaction, memory and higher executive function. This means deficits can be specifically targeted and trained.

Screening Options - RehaCom offers a number of Optional Screening Modules to detect impairments and recommend corresponding RehaCom cognitive training modules. Regular screening can also help show progression and provide detailed reporting.

Maximising Therapy Time - RehaCom was not designed to replace clinical input. It should be used as a tool and to reinforce therapy strategies using specific RehaCom modules. It will enable you to work more efficiently with your patients and after a number of sessions, they can even work alone.

Benefits of RehaCom for the Patient

Improved cognitive function - With consistent use the patient will see clear improvement in areas of cognitive deficit. Many tasks will reinforce the strategies of their therapist and maximise their recovery. Research supports this.

Remote Working - RehaCom can be used remotely with therapist supervision over the internet. This means they can continue working on modules and reinforcing therapy strategies outwith their regular sessions, improving their recovery. As no one ever complained they got too much therapy, remote working is a valuable step in advancing rehabilitation.

Individualised Programme - An individualised program is one of the cornerstones of effective rehabilitation . RehaCom software is adaptable to the patient. They can work in their native language, allow for visual deficits and even use familiar stimuli - such as family images - within the training.

Engaging Training - RehaCom may not be for everyone. Nothing is going to be universal fix!. However RehaCom is designed to be engaging - The modules auto-adapt to the patient’s success. When they find a task too difficult they will find it gets easier until they can cope. If it is relatively easy the software will introduce a little more challenge and prevent boredom.

That’s RehaCom’s benefit’s summed up. Clinically effective and proven over the years.