Biofeedback joins our product portfolio

I have you heard of biofeedback? We recently signed an exclusive agreement for the UK and Ireland to work with Mind Media BV who are leaders in the field of bio and neurofeedback technology. 

Their systems enable biofeedback training and research across a number of domains and there is excellent overlap with our application of RehaCom and our adventures in cognition.

Biofeedback is not new - Fixxl Director Derek Jones worked with Biofeedback in the late 1970's but developments were limited by the technology of the time. The modern system designs of Mind Media's NeXus systems mean that we can simultaneously measure the status of many and diverse sensors with high fidelity.

Biofeedback is training rather than therapy although there are many applications with conditions that we would normally associate with types of therapy.

A definition of biofeedback

Gaining awareness of physiological functions we are not normally consciously aware of by means of electronic measuring instrumentation .. and then presenting this information in order to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function. Once trained, special equipment is not needed.

A new EEG headset has emerged from EU research

We are also inviolved in Neurofeedback - sometimes known as EEG feedback - which uses EEG signals detected at the scalp as essential data. This opens the door to many exciting and emerging applications.

So what?

Biofeedback approaches can gives us new insights into the status of an individual's Autonomic and Central Nervous systems.  There are dozens of applications including with stress, Insomnia, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, stroke and more.  We know that by using biofeedback technology we can help people achieve greater balance in their Nervous System which is fundamental to improved health and human behaviour.

Beyond the applications with particular disorders this biofeedback technology is already being picked up by those seeking higher performance - in sport and business. 

The Mind Media products are high-end, high fidelity but beyond the hardware, what matters is how can you work with these signals. BioTrace software is incredibly powerful and is what makes these systems stand out from the competition. One very nice feature is the ability to support dual screens for training situations where the person being trained can view something suitable for behaviour change whilst the operator can view the fine details of the raw sensor data.

BioTrace+ allows dual screen operation

It's a fascinating area and we have established a new website that will provide information, product sales and course information in this exciting area.  When you really think about it, without Autonomic Nervous System balance people live in a stressed state which affects all aspects of our lives.