Research supports cognitive exercises after chemotherapy

Post-treament cognitive difficulties are a well-known consequence of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.  Recent research at the University of California, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre suggests that mental training exercises can help.  

Precious research had shown a link between patients reporting memory lapses after treatment and those whose neuropsychological tests revealed abnormalities. In the current study patients were subjected to cognitive training for a five week period to boost memory and attention and concentration. The participants in the study reported improvement in their self-reported cognitive status and performed better in cognition tests compared with control groups.  

As always the researchers point to the need for further research.  The researchers are curious how the gains made with the training exercises would compare with gains made by simply bringing patients together to socialise.  It has been shown in some studies that group-based interventions alone can reduce chronic inflammation which is believed to be a cause of the cognition difficulties of these patients.