Brain Training Apps versus RehaCom?

Following a brain injury cognitive deficits are common.  So could one of the many "Brain Training Apps" represent a quick fix?  The quick answer is almost certainly "NO!"

Whether due to trauma or some other condition such as a stroke or MS, individuals can find they have life-changing issues with attention and concentration, aspects of memory and much more.  It would be great if a quick fix existed but the current state of the art suggests this isn't likely - and certainly not with the commonly available brain training apps.

We were discussing with a consultant Neuropsychologist this week the challenge of providing ever more effective support in a health service climate that requires us to treat more and more patients with a shrinking (insufficient?) resource.  Some patients and their families are understandably eager to take matters somewhat in their own hands and often ask their consultant about which "Brain Training" apps they can use. 

There is some need for caution here.

The general "Brain Training" Apps that are commonly promoted may be used by many people but they almost certainly were not conceived to have the same fundamental purpose as RehaCom.  Using a Brain Training App is likely to be ineffective at best or it could even be harmful.

Clinical research has shown that neuropsychological measures dealing with attention deficits have to be tailored to the specific attention impairment. This is especially true for deficits in attention intensity (alertness, sustained attention, vigilance). Using too complex therapy methods could lead to further impairments due to an overload of the system. 

Here is our position on this.  We don't want RehaCom to be used by brain injured persons without guidance from a therapist or competent clinician

RehaCom is we believe the richest, most established and effective software for cognitive rehabilitation. It is used in many countries and 95% of the relevant clinics in Germany with a pedigree stretching back 25 years.  However, RehaCom is a precision tool for the therapist who can use it's precisely designed resources to bring about the most effective rehabilitation following a brain injury.  RehaCom is not a silver bullet (and neither is anything else) though. 

It's important that cognitive rehabilitation for brain injured people is very specific to the individual and using a mixture of strategies - both compensation and restitution.  Using RehaCom's screening modules the patient's deficits can be identified and the specific training procedures that are needed can be selected.

In the UK there seem to be too few Neuropsychologists and therapists to match the demand for services.  We believe that RehaCom provides a key for therapists to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation.  Check it out!

What we have learned through many years of experience is that there are no perfect products - they need to be deployed with the right knowledge and skills behind them.  No stand-alone app can deliver this at present.