Technology for Cognitive Rehabilitation Seminar

Research suggests that 80% of persons who sustained a traumatic brain injury believe that their cognition needs had not been met at one year post injury. So what's been missing? Is cognitive rehabilitation not as effective as we would like? Can technology help? Is it all about resources?

Recent advances in neuroscience and neuroplasticity highlight the fact that, given the right stimulus, the brain can revive and reconfigure in many situations that would have been thought impossible not so long ago. Translating this knowledge into evidencebasad clinical intervention is complex though and the search for evidence has been challenging. Of course, from the point of view of brain injured clients the adoption of best practice can’t happen fast enough!

Fixxl are hosting a free, one day event along with CFG Law on the 21st January in Cheadle near Manchester. The event will be suitable for all professionals inspired to work with individuals recovering from catastrophic injury - but especially those dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury and interested in the latest technology to assist with compensation and restitution.  For full details and to register your interest in your free place see