RehaCom Version 6.2.1

With the release of version 6.2.1 the following improvements were made.

  • Screening Modules - Five modules are now included for screening. At the end of the screening you can get a recommendation of which training modules to use with the client.
  • Neglect function: - You can choose the client's neglect-affected side for all training.
  • Self Evaluation: - The client can evaluate his/herself before and after training
  • Additional Functions: in Saccadic Training it is possible to set up the Optokinetic stimulation
  • Additional Functions: In Figural Memory the speed of the conveyor graphic can be changed. The direction is automatically correlated to the client's language according to the Window's system language.
  • Higher Resolution and New Graphics: Topological Memory, Attention and Concentration and the Two Dimensional Operations procedures have improved graphics