This is how to set up RehaCom to work with a software user over the internet.  These  instructions assume that you are a therapist intending to supervise someone over an internet connection.  If you are a user please follow the separate user's instructions.

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Assuming that we are starting with a new installation we must first install RehaCom.  Insert the RehaCom installation DVD and follow the instructions of the installation program.  Afterwards please restart RehaCom. An internet connection must be available to complete the process.

If you completed the above steps you are ready to create a Training Schedule for use by your client

Step One - Set User Mode

If not popping up automatically, choose the User Mode - “As therapist, with external clients” - by clicking “System” (Shown as '1' above) in the main window and “User mode” (shown as '2' above) in the smaller window.

Then Click "Close"

Now we need to set the Licensing Mode

Step Two - Set Licensing Mode

- if it's not popping up automatically, choose the correct license mode by clicking “System” in the main window and “License mode” in the smaller window:

Click “Licensing over internet”, as you will use an internet account.

Then click "Close"

Next you need to actually create the internet account for the therapist and for the user.

Step Three - Register a Therapist on the Internet

Now If it's not popping up automatically, click “Therapist” in the main window and “New” in the smaller window. 

To set up a therapist please make sure you fill in the rows shaded in green as these are compulsory fields.

Make sure that the date is written in the correct format for the menu language.  Please tick the box “register on the internet” and complete the form, including the creation of a USER NAME and PASSWORD. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you note these and keep them safe as they cannot be changed.  Confirm your data with “OK”.

The Therapist you just created will now be available by name in the "List of Therapists"

Step Four - Assign License Codes

Click on the name in the list to select it then click the "Licenses" button to insert the license codes you have been given by us.

The License Codes you have been given should be entered now in the code line and confirmed by clicking the "Insert" button.

Your license codes will be check via the internet and your hours available for training should now be visible under the Remaining Time column in the main area.

Now click "Close" to take you back to the List of Therapists and then "Select" to go back to the main RehaCom window

Now we are ready to create the Client detail for supervision.

Step Four - Select or Create Client to Supervise

Perhaps you wish to set up a new client or simply edit the details of an existing client to enable internet supervision.

In either case - Click "Client" in the main RehaCom window.

If you want to create a new client click "New" - otherwise select the existing client and "Edit".  As with creating a Therapist record ALL the Green Shaded fields are compulsory.

Select the correct Language for the client.

Ensure that the "Licensing via Internet" and "Supervision via internet" tick boxes are checked. If not, click on them to select.

Enter a User Name and Password for the client.  Make sure you write down these details as you must forward the login data to the client to use at home.  They cannot be changed or retrieved if they are lost.

Press OK to save.

Note there are a number of tabs along the top of the Client Data dialogue box. Explore these at your leisure. Note that you will find the File tab is useful for noting any client details or progress, or for noting visual deficits and enabling or disabling self-evaluation.

However, you will now select the Prescriptions tab to create a training programme for your client to use.