The Demo software is in essence exactly the same as the full version.  When using the demo version the automatic adaptation behaviour of the software is disabled though. When you are ready to release the full functionality of the software purchase the appropriate license.

Installing from a DVD disk

Insert the Demo software disk into the DVD drive of your computer. Normally the software installation will automatically commence. Some versions of Windows will ask for confirmation that you wish to install the software. The install screen should look like this..

Some of the icons on the left may be greyed out if the system finds that some features are already installed. Click the image to enlarge

Software Requirements

Windows PC • typically not older than 3 years
• 1 GB RAM
• DVD drive
• 100 GB hard drive
• Windows XP, 7 or 8
• 128 MB RAM Direct3D Graphics card (Nvidia, ATI)
• Screen, ideally at least 19”, preferably touch screen
• Printer

In case the autostart function is disabled you need to browse the DVD disk and locate the file "Rsetup.exe"

Click to enlarge

Selecting the operating mode for RehaCom

When installing RehaCom for the first time, a window headlined "User Mode" will pop up once the programme starts. In this window you can choose the way you will work with RehaCom.

The choices are as follows.

  • As a therapist with no external clients (selecting the option "Use therapist's data" allows multiple therapists to use the system and each therapist will be able to manage their own clients
  • As a therapist with external clients who are training at home under supervision
  • As a user (client) working without supervision
  • As a user (client) working with supervision

If RehaCom is previously installed you can find this dialog box at  SYSTEM > USER MODE

Remember to click on the "Close" button to select once you have made your choice.

Now set up a Client Record and one or more Therapist Records if required.

Setting up a new client record

Here you can set usual identity information for a client (user) as well as select the User's language. The tabbed sections allow access to the training prescription details and much more.

Setting up a therapist record

The details for multiple therapists can be created here. (click the image for a larger view)