RehaCom has evolved to become the leading European tool for computer-based cognitive rehabilitation, with over 95% of German rehabilitation clinics using RehaCom every day!  You can have confidence in RehaCom.  This is not a brain training tool for amusement - although it can be engaging to use. It was designed by clinicians and engineers to deliver real-world benefits for users with cognitive issues following a brain injury.

Who needs RehaCom?

Stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, dementia and a number of other conditions, affect our ability to do things such as concentrate, pay attention, remember names and faces or how to plan things such as a shopping trip or just how to plan a day.  There can also be some affects on visual processing that can be very confusing for us to understand. Sometimes these issues are not a major problem - other times they are a serious problem affecting the quality of life of the individual and their family and even their independence for many years.

Many times, not enough therapy is provided to help people who could benefit from rehabilitation.  This could just be because of the numbers of people affected - health services can't always manage to deliver intensive therapy to everyone.  For this reason products like RehaCom are important.  They potentially allow individuals to take some responsibility for their own care in an inexpensive and effective fashion. 

By solving tasks using the software, brain processes will be activated and important brain functions will be improved or restored.

It is important to know that whilst there is no significant risk from using RehaCom you should be guided by a professional.

When you are working with RehaCom the software automatically adapts the tasks presented to your performance level.  As your performance improves the software will gradually increase the difficulty of the tasks. On the other hand if you are having an "off day" the software will start to present slightly easier tasks.

This behaviour and the depth and breadth of the exercises available within RehaCom is one of the reasons why we believe it is a unique product.  Nothing else available has this depth and breadth of content.

When you finish your session, the software remembers your performance level and presents the same type of task the next time you exercise.

Why do I need a therapist's guidance?

You want to use the software as effectively as possible to help recovery.  This means that you should ideally have been assessed by a competent person who can then guide you in the use of the software.  There are many procedures (special programmes) in RehaCom that are precisely designed to exercise very specific aspects of these so-called cognitive functions.  Depending on the user's individual needs, some procedures are going to be much more appropriate to use than others.  In some cases we can connect you to someone who can provide that assessment if you wish. 

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Within RehaCom it is now possible to utilise special "screening" procedures.  By running these special parts of the software you can get a report of the particular software procedures that will benefit you most.  This is not a substitute for a comprehensive cognitive assessment but can give some practical guidance for the fundamental question - "What procedures should I use?"

Please review the detailed content under the Information menu item to learn more and contact us for individual help. 

RehaCom has been developed and used successfully in Germany and many parts of the world for over 25 years although it is relatively new to the UK and Ireland. 

over 90% of German rehabilitation clinics use RehaCom

Computer Requirements

Windows PC • typically not older than 3 years
• 1 GB RAM
• DVD drive
• 100 GB hard drive
• Windows XP, 7 or 8
• 128 MB RAM Direct3D Graphics card (Nvidia, ATI)
• Screen, at least 19”, preferably touch screen
• Printer