Who is it for?

Look at it this way.  Suppose you are using our ONLINE package but you need a way of creating an amount of training defined for an individual.  Perhaps you are acting on behalf of another agency and need to know exactly how to organise and price this training for a third party payer as part of your total package of care.

As a guide, we recommend that 45 hours of training is sufficient for training in 45 minute sessions, 3 times per week, for five months.  This is likely to be optimum for medium to mild cognitive impairment and maintenance.

Optional Extras

  • Chin / Head Rest
  • RehaCom Panel

Find out more on our Accessories page.

What is in the package?

  • RehaCom Home Training installation DVD
  • 26 highly specific and refined training modules
  • 45 Hours prepaid Internet License
  • 1 set of keyboard stickers
  • A Secure Online server is used for data storage
  • Remote support

Unsure Which Training Modules You will use? We provide some general recommendations here.


Designed as a "bundle" of 45 hours of RehaCom suitable for an individual to work with for 5 months. This is the optimal package for an individual working at home with the software. An internet connection is required. If this is not available then a RehaCom Dongle will also be required.

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