System Requirements

Windows PC • not older than 3 years • 1 GB RAM • DVD drive • 100 GB hard drive • Windows XP SP3 or newer • 128 MB RAM Direct3D Graphic card (Nvidia, ATI) • Screen, at least 19”, preferably touch screen • Printer

Supported Languages

  • German, English, French, Spanish

  • Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch

  • Greek, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

  • Polish, Turkish, Estonian, Korean

  • Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese

The Offer

RehaCom is now offered in ONE Easy to Understand Package

As a COMPLETE package of all 29 Training Modules plus 9 Screening Modules - for a license term of 1 or 2 years. The license would be for a single machine with either a Dongle or Custom Panel for License administration.

RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of software for computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation. 

This practical tool assists the therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders that affect specific aspects of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of daily living and much more. 

By solving tasks, brain processes will be activated and important brain functions will be improved or restored.  Successful training means that the user will be better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

With RehaCom, therapists can work with a number of patients simultaneously, dramatically increasing the quality and quantity of their work.  It can allow a therapist to supervise many users working in their own homes via an internet account just as easily as it allows face to face working.

Supporting 21 different native languages,

RehaCom has 29 very specific training procedures in the fields of attention and concentration, memory, reactivity and logical thinking/action planning - it's the most comprehensive system available anywhere and the software is used in thousands of hospitals and other medical practices all over Europe and Asia.

RehaCom's Main Features

RehaCom is designed and made in Germany with the knowledge of expert clinical neuropsychologists.  Yet it's a very easy to use therapy tool covering all groups of cognitive disorders in all rehabilitation phases. These are some of the main features.

RehaCom runs on a Windows PC

  • Can run on a single workstation or organisational server

  • Precisely designed, specific procedures for

    • attention and concentration

    • memory

    • reactivity

    • logical thinking/action planning

    • spatial imaginative power

    • visual disturbances

    • visuo-motor disturbances and more

  • Each module has been designed to train a specific deficit. Years of research, testing and adapting has gone into making this the most deficit specific software on the market.

  • The design may look simplistic but this is intentional. Any extra, unimportant stimuli may affect the performance of the client. This gives them the best chance for success.

  • There are no sudden or negative stimuli that could upset or frighten a patient. This is a nurturing and supportive system.

  • Each module begins at Level 1 which can be used even at the most acute stages of recovery.

  • Modules can progress upwards of 50 levels and remain challenging all the way through recovery.

  • Each module is adaptable through its own specific set of parameters giving you incredible control. (Comprehensive manuals available for each procedure)

  • Many languages currently supported at no extra cost

  • Nine Screening Modules

  • Number One product in Europe and Asia - Used in over 1000 rehabilitation hospitals and clinics in Germany by neuropsychologists and occupational therapists

  • Microsoft Windows implementation

  • Custom Panel interface for clients with motor and cognitive deficits

  • Database allows multiple client record keeping and performance monitoring

  • Affordable, flexible pricing

  • Developed and enhanced over 25 years

RehaCom Training Procedures

The following training modules are provided as standard:

Memory Training

  • Working Memory (WOME)

  • Topological Memory (MEM0)

  • Physiognomic Memory (GESI)

  • Memory for Words (WORT)

  • Figural Memory (BILD)

  • Verbal Memory (VERB)

  • Memory Strategy Training (LEST) NEW

Training of Visual Field

  • Saccadic Training (SAKA)

  • Exploration (EXPL)

  • Overview and Reading (ZIHL)

  • Visual Restitution Training (RESE)

Visuo-Motoric Coordination

  • Visuo-Motoric Coordination (WISO)

Attention Training

  • Alertness Training (ALTA)

  • Acoustic Responsiveness (AKRE)

  • Reaction Behaviour (REVE)

  • Ability to Respond (REA1)

  • Vigilance (VIGI)

  • Vigilance 2 (VIG2) NEW

  • Sustained Attention (SUSA) NEW

  • Spatial Operations (RAUM)

  • Two-Dimensional Operations (VRO1)

  • Spatial Operations 3D (RO3D)

  • Visuo-Constructive Ability (KONS)

  • Attention and Concentration (AUFM)

  • Divided Attention (GEAU)

  • Divided Attention 2 (GEA2)

Executive Functions

  • Shopping (EINK)

  • Plan a HoliDay (PLAN)

  • Logical Reasoning (LODE)

  • Calculating (CALC)