Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a new version of RehaCom to install - will I lose my existing data?

We recommend you backup your database at regular intervals. Before you install the update you must backup the database. Click on the button "System" at the lower left of the main window. Then click on "Backup/Restore" in the resulting popup dialog box. (See images - click for a larger image)

Click on System at lower left

Select Backup/Restore

Choose backup destination

Is there detailed information available of the RehaCom procedures?

The individual RehaCom procedure manuals are on the installation DVD in the subdirectory

> \Manuale\english.  The procedure manuals are in PDF format and typically describe the theoretical background to the procedure as well as how to train with it.  The largest manual entitled "RehaComEN.pdf" describes the operation of the programme in detail.  After installation, a Windows help file is available from within the programme. Each procedure has its corresponding help file.

Do I have to purchase a custom panel?

It is not necessary to purchase a Custom Panel unless the user has difficulty in using a conventional keyboard due to a physical disability.

It is necessary to have some form of license device however and this can be either a dongle for self contained usage, or an internet license.

Can RehaCom be tested without having to purchase a license?

If you haven't purchased RehaCom you wont have a license storage device - ie a Custom Panel or Dongle with valid license codes yet.  When installed the software runs in "Demo Mode".  It is complete but some aspects of functionality are disabled. The automatic task adaptation behaviour doesn't work. With a licensed software version the tasks presented to the user will adapt automatically to the user's performance level. In "Demo Mode" only the simplest and hardest levels of difficulty of each task can be used.

When you have purchased the licenses you need you can release the full functionality through the settings available from the "System" dialog box. Make sure the Dongle or Panel is connected before starting the software.

Select the "User Mode" that reflects your situation, select your license mode, check that the system can find your license device and then install the licenses or verify they are in place.

Choosing User Mode

Select your licensing mode

Check that the system can find your license device

Insert or verify insertion of lcienses

Can I use my own pictures?

In the procedure GESI ("Physiognomic Memory) Memory for faces you can alter the name, job, telephone number and gender of the individual by using the editor in the Parameter window. Here it is possible to blend your own pictures into the training in BMP and JPG format. The pictures could be family members or co-workers for example.

In the procedure VERB "Verbal Memory", personal histories can also be blended into the procedure via the editor in the Parameter wndow.

In the case of the procedure, EINK "Shopping", the pictures of various goods should be localised to the particular country although it is difficult to achieve this perfectly. If you wish to add your own specific products please contact us for support.

Can I run RehaCom on a MAC with OSX?

It may be possible if you first install a "virtual" Windows PC using a product such as VMWare Fusion 6 or Parallels Desktop 9

Some of the procedures don't run - what's the problem?

Everything seems Ok but when I try to run Divided Attention or Divided Attention 2, they don't run and the system tells me that the graphics card won't allow the correct graphics mode?

First of all check that your systemn meets the general system specification. If that is OK, there is a setting change you could try.

Click System > Network/Directory > (accept the warning dialogue that appears)

Now locate the tick ox "No Standard Setting for Screen Resolution" and deselect it. In other words make sure that this is NOT ticked. Try running again.


In some circumstances we may need you to troubleshoot the software to identify the cause of an error. These are the steps to follow:-

1.  Click “System“ button
2. Click “Start Service“.
3. The window “RehaComTrace“ will open. Click “Options” and tick the box “Debug mode”.
4. Minimize the window “RehaComTrace“.
5. Close RehaCom.
6. Open RehaCom again and do exactly what you did before you received the error until this error appears again.
7. Save the file “RehaComTrace“ and e-mail it to or as directed.