Chin and Head Rest

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Product Info
This high quality chin rest product is frequently used in medical, visual field and other medical or ophthalmic applications. It allows the client to stay in a comfortable and reproducible position in front of a monitor or subject, therefore maintaining the same viewpoint throughout the training session.

The medical chin rest is a compact tool that fixes to the edge of any table with a screw clamp. The total height and the forehead support can be modified in seconds to suit the user. There is a comfortable notched support for the chin.

Intended for visual field related training. Light weight, small, and easily transported the chin rest is suitable to be used in the community at client's homes, in therapy rooms or offices. Many of our chin rests are also used in medical trials, photography and studies that require the support of the head.

Materials & Hygiene
It is made of a light and stable anodised aluminium construction and can be fixed to a table with a screw clamp.
The aluminium design makes it very easy to clean.

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