Clinician Benefits

Rooted In Science
The system has been developed by and for neuropsychologists over the last 20 years. Although it feels like a game, it is rooted in science and clinically proven.

Multiple Language Options
The software is available in 21 languages at no extra cost, so clients can train in their native language. Some 29 modules are available in the English language.

Universal Use
The procedures cover all stages of rehabilitation. Training can start as soon as possible after ABI and continue all the way through rehabilitation.

Deficit Specific
The modules cover all cognitive deficits including attention, reaction, memory, and higher executive functions. This means deficits can be targeted and specifically trained.

The system is auto-adaptive, meaning the activity will get harder or easier depending on the performance of the client. This ensures steady progression and reduced frustration for the client.

RehaCom offers a growing number of Screening Modules (currently 9) to detect impairments and recommend corresponding cognitive training modules. Regular screening can also help show progression and provide detailed reporting.

Remote Supervision
Supervised training over the internet is available with Internet licenses. You can prescribe a training programme and monitor your clients remotely.

Maximise Therapy Time
Reinforce therapy strategies using RehaCom modules. It will enable you to work more efficiently with your clients and after a number of sessions, they can even work alone.

Cost Effective
Regardless of the chosen package, RehaCom is fantastic value for money - both for the therapist and the patient.

Client Benefits

Improved Cognitive Function
With consistent use the patient will see clear improvement in areas of cognitive deficit. Many tasks will reinforce the strategies of their therapist and maximise their recovery.

The software is adaptable to the patient. They can work in their native language, allow for visual deficits and even use familiar stimuli - such as family images - within the training.

Remote Working
RehaCom can be used remotely with therapist supervision over the internet. This means they can continue working on modules and reinforcing therapy strategies outwith their regular sessions, improving their recovery.

Resists Frustration
The modules auto-adapt to the patient’s success. When they find a task difficult they will find it gets easier until they can cope. If it is relatively easy the software will introduce a little more challenge and prevent boredom.

You can read more about the effectiveness of RehaCom® in our Research section or explore How It Works.

RehaCom is suitable for all ages

RehaCom is suitable for all ages