RehaCom® the premier cognition rehabilitation tool for therapists

This video gives an overview of rehacom software,

RehaCom is perhaps the world leader in computer-assisted cognitive retraining.  it is a indispensable tool for cost-effective rehabilitation following a brain injury. 

RehaCom can help individuals with their attention and concentration, in their performance of various memory and planning tasks, help with visual field issues and much more. 

RehaCom can be used, for example, even at a very acute stage of stroke recovery - and remains relevant through all stages of stroke recovery.  It is also an excellent tool to help with aspects of Visual Neglect.  Training modules can easily be selected based on a cognitive assessment or by using built-in  RehaCom Screening Modules.

The Video above gives an overview of RehaCom in a couple of minutes. Further videos showing some features can be found here

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Some RehaCom® facts

Chin and Head Rest

Recommended for training Visual Field issues especially hemianopia and many other applications which require the head to be stable. Click the images adjacent to see a clearer picture.

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  • Consists of 20+ computerised therapy modules to improve cognitive functions

  • Training modules automatically adapt the training tasks to the user's level of performance

  • OPTIONAL - 10 Screening Modules can guide you to deliver the most effective training

  • Used worldwide and by 95% of German rehabilitation clinics

  • Evidence-based and clinically proven

  • Developed and refined over 25 years of research and clinical practice

  • Fulfills treatment needs of TBI, Stroke, MS, schizophrenia and other cognitive functional disorders

  • Therapy can be performed in 20+ languages

  • RehaCom is classed as a Medical Device

Is this a Game?

RehaCom was conceived as a precision tool to help recovery following a brain injury.  RehaCom was not designed just to entertain  but it is  engaging and uplifting to many users.  This software was shaped by neuropsychologists and therapists to lead the way in cognitive therapy.

Is it Affordable?

Absolutely - Effective training can be delivered very inexpensively.  For example, for an individual working at home the cost of training can be as little as £1.61 per hour.

RehaCom is offered here  in packages that met the needs of professionals or just individuals needing help.  The software  can be configured for professionals working with many clients or just the occasional one, clients Inside an organisation or in the community or clients face to face or via telehealth technology

For Details of how to Trial the Software see here1